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middle aged woman lying on the floor and giving herself an embrace

Befriend your body and feel whole again

Hello Beating Heart,

If you are looking for a soft place to land, you have come to the right place. 


Befriend Your Body is for people who feel disconnected and frustrated with their body. For people who are ready to stop treating their body like a factory. People who want to: turn down the volume on their pain, calm the mental whirlwind, develop true self trust, or let in a little more joy. Somatic self compassion coaching can to help you slow down and practice non-judgemental attunement with your own body so that you can be more present for yourself. 

Somatic self compassion coaching gives you a way to check-in with your body with consistency, creativity and compassion. It’s different than most self care approaches in that we don't skip over the messy bits, instead we approach them as doorways for compassion; partnering with your body every step along the way. 

When you Befriend Your Body, you have:

  • A guide for translating your body's signals

  • Permission and guidance for how to slow down 

  • Respect for the parts of you that might make you uncomfortable

  • A strong inner compass so you're not swayed by others' expectations

  • Tools to help you regulate your nervous system when you need to and to activate it when it's time

  • Supportive strategies for chronic conditions or tough body transitions

  • Complete embodied friendship that helps you to feel listened to, nourished, and grounded

Bring your body back
into the conversation of healing

Let's normalize that being embodied can feel scary sometimes

There is no denying being human and having feelings is hard. It makes sense that we might ignore or try to avoid the bigger sensations we experience in our bodies when things get tough. In fact, there are times when the disconnect from our bodies is necessary. 


However, if that disconnect becomes our default, the body will compete for your attention until it's taken seriously; it turns up the volume until it is heard. And by that point it can be hard to know what to do--the body is on the verge of total shutdown and what used to work doesn't work anymore.  

Don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in. I can help you to slow down and get reacquainted with your body. I can help you speak kindly to yourself in a language that will land deeply in your bones. I can help you get a body dialogue started where no one is to blame, and no one needs to be fixed.


Repair your most important relationship--with your body.

Work with me

Caterina Snyder, Brand Anthropologist and Radical Visibility Coach for Dynamic Divergents

"Prior to Amy, I'd worked with a wonderful life coach who first taught me to listen to my body as a best friend, but to be honest, I wasn't sure what that looked like in my daily life. Amy has the actual tools and methodology to dive into HOW to do that. I was beyond impressed and absolutely recommend Amy. It's incredibly powerful work they're doing and I'm so grateful that I got to experience it."

Let's talk about it

Meet Amy


Somatic Self Compassion Coach

I’m an intuitive listener, a creative collaborator, a truth-teller and skillful synthesizer. I blend my experience in somatics, rehabilitative exercise, trauma informed movement and expressive arts, to give you a unique experience that will help transform your relationship with your body.

I created this work because I saw the gap between exercise and therapy that needed to be filled where people could reacquaint themselves with their body in a more concrete and meaningful way. My specialty has become listening for and discerning what each unique body might be trying to express. I am honoured to share my knowledge with you, as we walk along this path together.

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Let's talk about it

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