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middle aged woman lying on the floor and giving herself an embrace

Befriend your body and feel whole again

Hello Beating Heart,

Having a body can feel hard sometimes.


If your mind and body aren't communicating, it can feel like they are on different teams with you caught in the crossfire.  


'Befriend Your Body' is for people who are ready to heal their relationship with their body. For people who are ready to slow down and treat themselves with care. It's for sensitive people who want to turn down the volume on their pain, calm their swirling mind, and develop unwavering self trust. It's for people who experience mysterious physical symptoms and feel frustrated by the body they have.

You can’t think your way into loving your body 

But you can develop a practice of care...that's when the love will come.


Together, we'll be building somatic (body-based) skills, and blending them with principles of neuroscience to improve the communication between your body and mind. We will partner with your body every step along the way so that you can heal your nervous system. You'll walk away with a customized being-thinking-doing practice based on your needs, (not some arbitrary technique).

When you Befriend Your Body, you have:

  • A guide for translating your body's signals

  • Permission and guidance for how to slow down 

  • Respect for the parts of you that might make you uncomfortable

  • A strong inner compass so you're not swayed by others' expectations

  • Tools to help you regulate your nervous system when you need to and to activate it when it's time

  • Supportive strategies for chronic conditions or tough body transitions

  • Complete embodied friendship that helps you to feel listened to, nourished, and grounded

Bring your body back
into the conversation of healing

Let's start a dialogue. 

These calls are a no-obligation chance to ask me any questions you have, get to know me and see if it feels like a good fit. 

Listening to your body is like cleaning out your inbox

Everyday, our body sends us messages. Like emails, some go answered, but many do not. When we take the time to listen to the messages, we can respond to the body when we need to (and clear out the clutter along the way). 


However, if we let the unanswered messages pile up, it can feel overwhelming, we lose capacity for any new messages. Our inboxes fill up and we need to pay for extra storage--we pay with our bodies, we pay with our health. By that point, it can be hard to know what to do--often, what used to work doesn't work anymore.  

Don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in. My role is to help you partner with your body by practicing together, by carving out time and actually doing it. I can help you sort through the messages; WHAT to listen for, HOW to uncover the deeper MEANING behind the messages, and give you options for how to RESPOND.


Over time, you will develop a better relationship with your body and the HABIT of listening to it (so that it becomes second nature). Over time, you will develop more self trust and stronger intuition. Then you won't need me anymore.   

Work with me

Caterina Snyder, Brand Anthropologist and Radical Visibility Coach for Dynamic Divergents

"Prior to Alora, I'd worked with a wonderful life coach who first taught me to listen to my body as a best friend, but to be honest, I wasn't sure what that looked like in my daily life. Alora has the actual tools and methodology to dive into HOW to do that. I was beyond impressed and absolutely recommend Alora. It's incredibly powerful work they're doing and I'm so grateful that I got to experience it."

Let's talk about it

These calls are a no-obligation chance to ask me any questions you have, share stories with me, and see if it feels like a good fit. 

Meet Alora


Somatic Self Compassion Coach

I’m an intuitive listener, a creative collaborator, a truth-teller and skillful synthesizer. I blend my experience in somatics, rehabilitative exercise, trauma informed movement and expressive arts, to give you a unique experience that will help transform your relationship with your body.

I created this work because I reached a point in my life, with my health where I needed to know myself on a deeper level. I needed to find another way--outside fitness, outside meditation, away from yoga and pilates, where I could reckon with my internal friction. It was a time of integration for my grief, my anger, my changing beliefs and real-time learning about the brain and nervous system.

And yes, I've recently changed my name to reflect the deep changes that I've been through.

a woman in a red super-hero suit dancing outside, her arms up and she looking down

Let's start a dialogue

Not sure and want to find out more? Talk with Alora to learn about Body Dialogue sessions and whether they are a good fit for you!

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