Befriend your body in a way that only you can.

Hello Friend,

Would you like to make peace with your body?


Befriend Your Body is for people who want to shift their relationship to their body to be more loving and kind. Somatic self compassion coaching offers many tools to help you practice a non-judgemental attunement with your own body through gentle movement and sensation tracking.


When you Befriend Your Body, you have:

  • Permission to slow down 

  • A strong inner compass so you're not swayed by others' expectations

  • Tools to help you regulate your nervous system when you need to and to activate it when it's time

  • Supportive strategies for chronic conditions or tough body transitions

  • Complete embodied friendship that helps you to feel listened to, nourished, and grounded

I can help you speak kindly to yourself in a language that will land deeply in your bones. I can help you get a body dialogue started where no one is to blame, and no one needs to be fixed.

There is no denying being human and having feelings is hard. It makes sense that we might ignore or try to avoid the bigger sensations we experience in our bodies when things get tough.


But when the body gets ignored, it doesn’t forget and reset; it will wait to talk with you until its voice is heard. And if that day doesn’t come, it turns up the volume until it is heard. It’s no wonder we feel disconnected or even on separate teams.  


But actually, your body is just doing the normal thing that bodies do. It’s been on your team this whole time, simply waiting for a way to re-connect. 


Don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in. I can help you to slow down and get reacquainted with your body.


Repair your most important relationship--with your body.

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Alessandra Levy, Voice Actor

I am thrilled I found Amy and had the opportunity to work with her! I think everyone needs to do this kind of movement work, it is freeing, new, fun, interesting and sometimes even challenging. I learned to give attention to parts of me I hadn't in years... or ever! I learned so much in the month or so we worked together. Highly recommended, thank you Amy!

Meet Amy

Somatic Self Compassion Coach

I’m an intuitive listener, a creative collaborator, a truth-teller and skillful synthesizer. I blend my experience in somatics, rehabilitative exercise, trauma informed movement and expressive arts, to give you a unique experience that will help transform your relationship with your body.

I created this work because I saw the gap between exercise and therapy that needed to be filled where people could reacquaint themselves with their body in a more meaningful way. I am honoured to share my knowledge with you, as we walk along this path together.

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