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Hello! Let's get started.

You are embarking on a personalized embodiment journey and this module is meant to help us get to know each other better. I explain how we will work together and you will be asked to provide a little information about your history and your preferences. Your input allows me (Amy) to better personalize the Body Dialogue Coaching sessions for you and your needs. Only some questions are mandatory, please share only what you are comfortable sharing about yourself.


There is also some legalese and housekeeping type info. The entire module should take about 20 minutes to complete.

What is somatic coaching?

Here’s one way to think about what Somatic Coaching is - in relation to other activities.


There’s lots of things that you can do with your body. To help you understand Somatic Coaching, we’re comparing the practices in this matrix that looks at if they are based within a specific set of practices (a discipline), or are more holistic, as well as if they are offered as exercise or by a health professional. Of course practices vary widely depending on many variables, this visual is to help you understand where somatic coaching fits in this ecosystem.


A Body Dialogue session addresses the mind-body disconnect by helping you to learn to speak the language of the body while up-leveling your listening skills. It uses activities from a wide variety of disciplines to integrate input from the body and the mind.

Let’s Work Together

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