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What is Somatic Coaching?

A Somatic Coaching session enables you to become attuned with your body, with your nervous system, through the experience of sensation. Somatic skills include: grounding in the here and now, tracking sensation in your body, using descriptive language, co-regulation, self-soothing, self massage, and experimenting with new movement pathways.

Your first few Body Dialogue sessions are going to be a practice in slowing down, Mapping out what you think you feel, tuning into what sensations you actually feel, being kind to yourself as you notice and tuning into how what you notice changes as we practice. The tools we use in Body Dialogue sessions are very simple, but the way we do them is very intentional and therefore very powerful. 


You are here to reclaim your own body in the process of healing. It’s not a matter of KNOWING more theory or techniques, it’s a matter of DOING and PRACTICING. 


It makes a difference that you do this with kindness. IF you have an inner voice that is judgmental, that will add to the stress that your body experiences. The same way that a dog will cower in the corner when you yell at it, is the same way your body reacts to that inner voice. I don’t assume that you will access undying LOVE for yourself- the way that some self help advice suggests that you should. Instead, I’m suggesting that by practicing kindness towards all the parts of you- parts that you might not like or wish were different—that this can help to move the needle on your relationship with your body. 


Healing happens in relationship and I am here to walk along side you as you reconnect with your body. As someone who has walked this path I know what it’s like to feel like my body was working against me. I have lived through: chronic pain, disordered eating, depression, anxiety, surgery, vertigo, loneliness. There was nothing out there that I could turn to as I felt like I had tried it all before. But that’s because I was looking to others for answers. I thought I was broken and needed  fixing. Instead, I needed to befriend the body that I was in and learn to be with it, to nurture it. I’ll show you how what it feels like. 

Now please answer some questions about your history with your body. Please share whatever information you feel comfortable sharing that help me to guide your session(s). Press the button to advance to the next step.

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