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My Commitment to You

I keep track of the subtle, and not so subtle changes that happen in each session, so that I can reflect them back to you. On your last session, we revisit this journey in all it’s twists and turns, in the form of a document that you get to keep for future reference. This information is to help you synthesize the work on a deeper level.

  • I vow to be honest and transparent, if you have a question that falls outside my knowledge or a need that falls outside my skill set, I will recommend where you can access that information or assistance.

  • I aim to keep you feeling centred and grounded even as we navigate some tricky waters. I will ask questions that help you discover and get curious. I will remind you that you are not alone. I will meet you where you are at and I will never suggest that you are the cause of your own pain.


I vow to honour the human in you; all the complexities and contradictions. I am committed to seeing you in your entirety and accommodating your needs and I vow to take care of my needs as facilitator, human and business person.


You will notice that my spacious booking and fluid cancelling policy reflects the needs of our bodies to have some flexibility. I can also accommodate such needs as; meeting from bed, working without the camera on, and changing gears--just because.

Your Commitment to the Process

Consent: When traditional body work is hierarchical, one can end up feeling without a voice and I don’t work that way….your input and curiosity informs the way we work. Your consent is an ongoing decision that you continue to make in each moment. Everything offered in my programs is an invitation not an imperative.

Complexity: Self-exploration is non-linear and the results can be unpredictable. This can be both delightful and frustrating (and everything in-between) especially as we live in a society where we are conditioned to expect linear progress. The primary goal of this work together is to develop a meaningful and compassionate relationship with your body, not to transform and certainly not to become ‘better’. Sometimes that means staying in the messy parts rather than pushing ahead. You always have permission to treat yourself as gently as needed during those times. If the process starts to feel too much, you are responsible for communicating that to Amy and/or pursuing addition professional support.


Expectations: You are encouraged to arrive as both the expert of your own body as well as a student who is here to learn something new about yourself and your body.

Reflection: You are encouraged to allow for extra time after each session to journal or to rest. This might even be a time to continue to explore movement on your own.

Space & Safety: You must ensure that you have ample space to move your body and that your space is free from hazards that could cause injury.

Between Sessions

Home practice

Home practice is optional. I often give EASY assignments for you to play with that fit into what you are already doing. Please indicate if you would prefer to have concrete assignments to do between each session? Y/N



Sometimes things come up between sessions that could feel good to share. To make this easy, You can send a message to Amy at any time of day, when questions or observations arise. Amy will respond to messages during office hours and usually within 24 hours or the next business day.

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