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Some Housekeeping

  • Confidentiality— Conversations and all personal information are confidential and will be protected as such.


  • On that note, being able to describe and tell anecdotes about the work is the main method of advertising & attracting new participants into coaching programs. Amy reserves the right to speak about discoveries that happen during sessions but will never mention names or personal information. Please speak to Amy if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Lineage & Citing— Body Dialogues are the culmination of a life's work and study. If you want to use the learned Body Dialogue tools and practices in your own work, it is expected that you cite Amy and if possible her lineage as well. If you need assistance with citing lineage or have questions about the lineage of anything I offer please inquire.

Sign the Waiver

Almost there!  But you must sign a waiver before booking a session with Amy.

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