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A Toddler and a Baby

The power of touch

In an instant, touch can completely change the way that you feel.


A single touch can be: instructive, soothing, sensual,

an invitation, a signal, a warning. Skillful touch can foster safety and trust, and help you be more you. 

If you have ever secretly wished your roommates knew how to massage you just the way you liked, bring them to this workshop. 

two hands on someone's back providing feedback and support

The Touch Lab is a place where you get to experiment and experience intuitive massage at its best. 

In this workshop you will:

  • learn something about yourself & your partner

  • be given options and ways to explore bodywork that is safe, playful & feels good 

  • learn a series of attuned & embodied listening tools

  • experience deep relaxation

  • take home simple tools to practice 


This unique workshop is perfect for people who; are craving touch, want to learn new ways to give touch that also feels good in your own body, want to develop better listening skills and learn how to ask for the kind of touch you want. Before you know it, you may find that intuitive massage becomes a part of your lifestyle with a few minutes in the kitchen, or lazing on the couch.

The Touch Lab

Touch Skills & Creative Ways to Connect with Others           

-An in-person Workshop

This informal type of massage is influenced by kittens, contact improvisation and slumber parties and sure to have you feeling both nurtured and invigorated. It is taught fully clothed and suitable for all levels of experience. Bring your own partner. 


Saturday Feb 24  2-5pm

Local Health Clinic 

#210-2285 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC 

$80/couple before Feb 10


Wear comfortable clothes and layers. Yoga blocks and bolsters will be available but bring anything that might help you feel more comfortable sitting and lying on the ground. Bring your own partner. 

My name is Alora (she/her)

I am the founder of ‘Befriend Your Body’ a body-positive somatic coaching business. I blend 25+ yrs experience in somatics, rehabilitative exercise, trauma informed movement, pilates and expressive arts, to give others a unique experience that will help transform one’s relationship with their body.

If you have a question or would like to reach out, I invite you to email me with a press of this button.

A photo of Alora dressed in brown and gold, sitting on the floor and looking upwards
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