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My Story

My journey to befriending my body has been illuminating in that it happened in spite of working in the wellness industry for 20 years. I had some serious unlearning to do; it took me a long time to realize that my body wasn’t a thing to control, rather, it was my life partner and my greatest resource. I have learned from depression, anxiety, burnout, mysterious conditions, surgery, years of disordered eating and pushing my body to exhaustion. No matter what curveballs life throws at me, my body is my constant companion. Do I still feel pain? Heck yes. But before it used to derail me and now, it doesn’t.

Training / Experience

Smart Body Smart Mind, Up/Down- Irene Lyon Trauma in the public Eye- Peter Levine and Betsy Polatin We are the Culture Makers- Kelly Diels Embodied Boundary work- Kimberly Johnson, Kai Cheng Thom, Pam Tzeng, Tracy Dixon Embodied Anti-Racist Trainings - Karine Bell, Resmaa Menakem, JenLee Koble Shame Clinic- David Bedrick, Simone Seol Conscious Contracts- Jacqueline Horani Somatic Experiencing- Irene Lyon Define Design Align Business Coaching - Leah Goard Contact Improvisation- Karl Frost, Peter Bingham, Linda Rubin, Delia Brett Experience Design- Jenny Sauerklein Action Theatre- Ruth Zaporah Continuum- Linda Rabin Authentic Movement- Tedi Tafel Eldoas -Carolyn Woods Vision Improvement - Summer Bozhora Gaga- James Viveiros Voice and movement- Lin Snelling Le Groupe Dance Lab- Peter Boneham Artistic residency- Bread and Puppet Theatre Crystal Egg- Layla Martin Bowen Therapy Training Modules 1-4 Thai Yoga Massage, Yamuna Body Rolling, Pelvic Floor Training, TRE, Breath work, Franklin Method, Embodied Anatomy Advanced Pilates training for scoliosis, footwork, floor work, shoulders, pelvic floor disfunction, pre/post natal Devised Theatre- NaCl- Ker Wells, Tannis Kowalchuk Clowning- Jan Henderson Movement Coaching for theatre including Black Rider with November Theatre Interpretive Dance - Marc Boivin, Peggy Baker, Mari Osanai, Rob Abubo, Yvonne Coutts, Shauna Elton, Heidi Bunting, Brian Webb, Serge Bennethan, Susie Burpee, Sylvie Desrosiers, Lynda Adams


Lymphatic Mojo- Dr. Perry Nickelston Vagus Nerve Mojo- Dr. Perry Nickelston Movement for Trauma Levels 1 & 2 - Jane Clapp Copywriting for Culture Makers- Kelly Diels Pilates Teaching comprehensive certificate- Ron Fletcher program of study-   Kyria Sabin, Tucson and Jacqueline Ethier, Ottawa Contemporary Dance Diploma- Grant MacEwan University Melt Method Certification- Sue Hitzmann The Keller Method for Soft Ball Massage- Kathleen Keller

Being at home in your body and feeling your feelings isn’t an all or nothing thing, it’s a lot more nuanced and layered. I’ve been honoured to support many people on their journey as they transform their relationships to their bodies. I’ve heard countless times from others, “I forgot I had this part of my body” and “I never knew I could feel this way so easily”.

There were times in my life when I felt incredibly disconnected from my own body and ironically, it was at a time when my body appeared to be in top form. (Little did I know that my colleagues were suffering too, but because we worked in the wellness industry we never talked about it.) 

Once I started learning about the nervous system and how our bodies deal with trauma, it became clear to me that the problem was not my body. The problem was that I was conditioned to treat myself like a machine that had a moral obligation to be in tip top condition. And the more I tried to control the way I felt, the more 'out of control' I felt. I kept bumping up against the ‘healthy body ideal’ by trying to fit myself into ways of being that didn’t fit me. There came a point where I needed to stop playing by other’s rules and lead my own way.

And when I did, everything changed.

Magic happens when you give time and space to the body to figure things out.


I’m an intuitive listener, a creative collaborator, a truth-teller and skillful synthesizer. I blend my experience in somatics, rehabilitative exercise, trauma informed movement, pilates and expressive arts, to give you a unique experience that will help transform your relationship with your body.

Let's get to know each other


Amy Kubanek (she/they)

Somanaut. Co-conspirator. Improvisor.

3rd Generation Settler. Maker. Motivator. Play Pal. Dancer.

Hypermobile. CIS gendered. Neurodiverse.

Artist. Mom. Singer. Sacred witness. Listener. Lover. 


I have always existed in the spaces in between and I have mostly served those who feel as though they have fallen through the cracks in the system. I will always be a student at heart; I learn by watching, doing, and by teaching.

For a full listing of my guiding principles and lineage, click here.


Let's get to know each other


How do I dialogue with my body?


  • massage, strengthen and stretch

  • address the areas above, below and across from pain

  • stimulate and ‘strengthen’ vagus nerve

  • up/down regulate NS

  • ask yes/no questions

  • express my expectations

  • practice checking in before & after

  • repetitive rhythmic movement

  • non-linear movement

  • affirmation

  • practice accepting care and love from others

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