(Un)Becoming Practice

Get comfortable taking up space-
without feeling like you’re performing.

Here’s what I want for you...

Let go of how you're supposed to look, how you're supposed to move. 

Belong to yourself and know deep down that you matter. 

Know there are others who love you deeply because of all your imperfections 


Let out your wildness

From an early age we've been told how to move--what's acceptable and expected. Right from the earliest years, we've been encouraged to quiet our impulses for the sake of others; when to go to the bathroom, when to eat, sitting still for hours on end and then we were were finally allowed to get wild, someone was always there to tell us HOW to get wild the RIGHT WAY. We have been conditioned to act with more consideration of others than for what is right within our own knowing. 


F*^& that! Our bodies are wise, and it's time to connect with our instincts and impulses.


Repair the gaze

(Un)Becoming Practice is the antidote to shame, self doubt and appeasement.


Because our culture's influence is so strong, it can feel scary to take complete ownership of your body. There are so many ways that we aren't supposed to act, look or behave. It can be really scary to show a different side of yourself--one that might not look so good.


 (Un)Becoming Practice can help you. This group online movement experience is designed to grow your comfort with taking up space, give you full autonomy in your movement, full confidence in your expression and the shift the culture around the way we support each other with regard. 



our body is the physical manifestation of our soul
         and movement is the expression of that.

Here's how we (un)become:

(Un)Becoming meets every two weeks for 90 minute sessions. We'll spend time getting comfortable being on camera, getting comfortable with movement and then  practice moving based on our internal impulse. We'll move or not move as we please. We'll connect with each other and to ourselves. 

Our group is intentionally small to uphold a sense of intimacy and ease. These sessions will not be recorded so you can feel free to experiment and show up exactly how you need to without worry that you’ll be captured out of context. The live exchange is essential to the practice and would not translate to a recording. If you can’t make the sessions but would like to join the next round, sign up for the waitlist here.

All bodies and abilities are welcome. There is NO need for any previous experience or special skills to join.

Before the first session you’ll receive a guide so you can prepare your space and your body for the experience. 

Starting Dec 1, 2022 at 10am-1130am PST and meeting every 2 weeks:

Dec 1, Dec 15, Dec 29, Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9 


Fees are sliding scale from $90-180


My name is Amy (she/her)

My journey to self love was not through mastery or control, it was actually by learning how to partner with my flaws and imperfections. When I learned how to let go of that moving target of "better"⁠ that's when things really turned around for me. 

I believe this work is exactly the medicine we need at this time--especially those of us who mask parts of ourselves for others.

Click here if you would like to know more about my training or my lineage.