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Alora grabbing her brown turtleneck and pulling it over her nose while looking into the camera

Who am I to lead this work?

I am not a therapist and I don’t have letters behind my name.

But I have helped thousands of people make significant changes to the way that they feel and the way that they relate to their own body. Much of my training happened on the job, in continuing ed workshops or in master classes.

a profile of Alora with her hand at the nape of her neck

Movement based : Fletcher Pilates (advanced equipment comprehensive), rehabilitative exercise (injury recovery, scoliosis, post natal, pelvic floor dysfunction), Interpretive dance (diploma), contact improvisation(Karl Frost, Peter Bingham, Linda Rubin), continuum (Linda Rabin), Action Theatre (Ruth Zaporah)

Brain / Nervous system based : Pain Reprocessing Therapy (certificate), applied neuroscience (Z-Health), Vagus Nerve mojo (Stop Chasing Pain), Visual Improvement, Irene Lyon (SBSM, Up/Down, Individual) Movement For Trauma (Jane Clapp L1+2), Trauma in the Public Eye (Peter Levine, Betsy Polatin), Shame clinic (David Bedrick),


Self Care based : Lymphatic mojo (Stop Chasing Pain), Authentic movement (Tedi Tafel), Bowen therapy (L1-6), Soft ball massage (Yoga Tune up, Melt Method, Keller) 


Culture based : Somatic abolitionism (Resmaa Menakem), We are the Culture Makers (Kelly Diels), Copywriting for culture makers (KD), Non-Violent Communication, Conscious Contracts

I'm no stranger to persistent pain and complicated health issues


I have endured years of face and jaw pain, head and neck pain, and migrating joint pain. I’ve also suffered other problems including dizziness, vertigo, weakness, that needed several medical interventions including surgery. While I’m lucky to have universal healthcare, at times I felt completely alone, scared, invalidated, taken advantage of, belittled and invisible. I don’t want that for anybody, we all deserve to feel cared for, validated and supported.


My background in movement helps me uniquely address complicated health issues that don’t respond to mainstream modalities and mainstream medicine.

I’ve helped thousands of people transform their relationships to their bodies by slowing down to really listen to what's going on inside. I’ve heard countless times from others, “I forgot I had this part of my body” and “I never knew I could feel this way so easily”. 


Pilates Teacher 20+ years

Union Pilates (Vancouver), Pilates Collective (Vancouver), Equinox (Vancouver), Form Body Lab (Vancouver), Pilates Space (Ottawa), BodyWorks (Edmonton), Pilates EQ (Edmonton) 

Head of Movement Lab at Qi Integrated Health 5 years (2013-18): Collaborating with team of skilled practitioners (Family medicine, chiropractic, physio, osteopathy, acupuncture etc)  Developed personalized movement programs to compliment treatments. 

Online group coaching in Authentic Movement and Somatic Self Compassion. Haven- co-facilitation with Tanis Frame '22

Decide to Thrive Weekend Retreat on Bowen Island with Tanis Frame '2019. Facilitated two workshops on self awareness, healthy boundaries, intuitive and authentic movement.

Volunteer Embodiment Facilitator for international groups in early pandemic


Performance + Artistic Highlights

Physical Animation in performance with Fight with a Stick Theatre. Animating the works of Tomoyo Ihaya in 'Migration' Choreography and movement coaching for November Theatre’s ‘Black Rider’. The production toured for 10 yrs and won audience choice at NYC Fringe fest Key Collaborator for ‘Live Blood’ by Moonrats Dance Theatre. This show became the catalyst for the first dance festival in Edmonton AB which is now called Expanse Festival. Dance Soloist with Platypus Theatres ‘Emily Saves the Orchestra’. Dancing of the big stage with the NAC symphony orchestra (Victoria, Salt Lake City too) 1 week residency at Bread and Puppet Theatre in Vermont as part of Grasshoppa Dance Exchange. Devised Theatre Intensive with NaCl in Catskils. Interpretive Dancer for: Rob Abubo, Kate Hilliard, Shauna Elton, Heidi Bunting,

Let's get to know each other

How do I get results? 


Most people think that if you have a body problem that you treat the body only. But the truth is that the body and mind are in constant conversation and if you want to create lasting change in the body, in the nervous system, it’s paramount we include the mind—what we think, what kinds of information we feed it, and how that changes our perception of sensation.


Persistent pain is processed in the brain very differently from acute pain and that’s why you need different approaches for ongoing issues. Recurring or chronic conditions are a sign that the brain and body aren’t communicating effectively.


And that’s why my process includes both brain-based and body-based approaches, while also tapping into the social influences (family/culture) and its role in how we feel.


I believe that feeling better is possible for every body.

A photo of Alora looking at the camera with a smile


I have always existed in the spaces in between and I have mostly served those who feel as though they have fallen through the cracks in the system. I will always be a student at heart; I learn by watching, doing, and by teaching.

For a full listing of my guiding principles and lineage, click here.

gentle touch to the ears

Let's get to know each other

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