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What are Body Dialogues?

Body Dialogue somatic coaching sessions are meant to help you develop a simple habit of 'checking-in' with your body with

consistency, creativity and compassion so that you can feel fully embodied whenever you need to.

Each session is uniquely tailored to your interests, objectives and preferences. We use various tools including: self massage, intuitive expression, rehabilitative movement, and self inquiry...and we get to know your body better.

Body Dialogues are an intuitive and non-linear way to tap into the body's wisdom for more wholesome healing. And the best can join from the comfort of your own home.

Those with chronic conditions can even join from bed.


There are somethings in life that we don’t have words for

but they are real experiences that live inside our bodies

and I believe that they matter.

I help you develop the skills to communicate those things with your body and add a layer of physiological understanding - the nuts and bolts of our design—it’s a real blending of physiology and creative process.

These 1:1 sessions are for you if...

  • You need help with slowing down

  • You feel a disconnect between your body and mind

  • You try affirmations and gratitude practices but they just don’t seem to land

  • You are a super-senser who wants to turn down the volume

  • You think you should start meditation but can't seem to start

  • You just want to feel better before you start exercising again

  • You are starting to untangle yourself from culture’s expectations of you and your body and would like a thought/movement partner 

  • You are ready to let go of perfection and meet yourself where you are at in this moment

  • You have been or are in therapy and are looking for a way to continue your self discovery beyond the treatment room

  • You are moving through a transition in your life or body

  • You are ready to treat yourself with kindness, though you might not yet know how. 

  • You are looking to harvest your creativity and inspiration

  • You are a therapist, coach or caregiver who could use a soft place to land

What's included in this package:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions with Amy via Zoom 

  • Customized sessions based on your personal goals and needs 

  • Easy, actionable ways to dialogue with and care for your body

  • Professional guidance for your personalized home practice 

  • Body-positive, intersectional feminist perspectives to help you untether yourself from diet culture and patriarchy while reclaiming your sense of joy and curiosity.

  • Time for rest and integration

  • Direct messaging between sessions with Amy using a free mobile app. This is a great way to ask questions and to celebrate all the new discoveries that happen during your day or during your personal practice. 


Belong to yourself again.

If you’ve ever done self care work that was based on top-down, cognitive approaches (like changing your mindset, positive affirmations etc.) then prepare to be impressed by this approach. ​

You will actually change the way you feel in your body, which will change the way
you feel
about your body. 

Kim Fenton - Copywriter, Editor

 "It means so much to me as a human when somebody says-- I see you, I hear you, I see the whole of what's going on-- and I feel like I've done that for my own body today. My body's really happy right now." 


Body Dialogue sessions are offered as 30 and 60-minute packages. Prices are in CAD. 

3 Months

60 min  $420/mo

30 min $210/mo

6 months

60 min $350/mo

30 min $175/mo

1 year

60 min $292/mo

30 min $145/mo

Note: community support is offered for those in need. If this is you, please ask.

Ready for the next step?

Not sure and want to find out more? Talk with Amy to learn about Body Dialogue sessions and whether they are a good fit for you!

Already know this is for you?

Tell me a little about yourself

and we'll get the ball rolling!

Befriend your Body : 3 Pillars 

With every Body Dialogue coaching package, you will touch on the 3 pillars behind Befriend Your Body, based on the following aspects: Sensation, Perception and Connection. This unique framework is designed around scientific tools to help to improve the communication between mind and body: based on the needs of your nervous system to find safety, use sensory input to help re-pattern, and to re-build trust in partnership.


Sensation: How do you feel?

Get to know your body through your senses :

• Learn through tactile exploration about your physiology & functional movement

• Map your personal blueprint for

body-brain communication and uncover your blindspots

• Develop a greater vocabulary for sensation

• Investigate & transform your pain

• Notice how it feels to slow down


Perception: How do you know what you know?

 Experience how the brain is influenced by the body:

• Shift your perception with sensation

• Expand your brain's body map

• Develop capacity for staying focused

• Learn alternatives for meditation

• Surface unconscious stories & beliefs you have about your body


Connection: How can you belong to yourself?

Explore your relationship to your body in connection with others:

• Identify culture's influence on your body

• Develop compassionate, non-judgemental observing skills

• Practice free and authentic expression

• Mirroring

• Ask for what you need

• Real talk about the complexities of aging, pain and chronic conditions

Common Questions 

Do I need props or equipment?

The only thing required for this work is you and a little private space where you feel free to move. That said, props can be useful too. If you have any of these items, please bring them to our sessions:


Soft balls, Foam rollers or bolsters, Pillows or towels, Long stretchy bands, hand weights (or any unbreakable weighted object)

Is it done standing or lying down?

Once we establish if there are any movements that are off limits for you (for any reason), You may find yourself on the ground, sitting, standing or moving through space.

Is this a form of exercise?

Body Dialogue sessions are rooted in movement and experience but aren't considered exercise. They are designed to land in a deeper part of your spirit that may fill a gap between exercise and therapy.

Is this a form of therapy?

This is not therapy, but it is the perfect compliment to any form of therapy- both physical and emotional. There is a benefit to being located outside the constructs of any modality in that there’s no imposed rules or regimented way of thinking. That being said, personal and professional boundaries will always be respected. And alternative practitioners will be recommended should that be necessary. To read more about my code of ethics, click here.

Chris F.

Editor & Actor

Even after only a few sessions with Amy, I can already feel a difference and I know what I can do for myself

Diane K

Retired Physiotherapist

Amy’s deep understanding of movement and how it connects to emotion, have resulted in one of the most nurturing and healing experiences I could have asked for. I have felt that Amy 'sees' me fully, honours my wounds and uncertainties and celebrates my successes.

Louise A.


Amy taught me how to listen to my body and to feel connected in a deeper way. At the time, I didn’t realize how powerful her lessons were. But years later, I still value and practice what we did together. Working with her has changed my life for the better.

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