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Top Reasons to Befriend My Body

If you've ever felt frustrated by the body you have, I feel you. So have I. It's hard to have a body, especially if you struggle with persistent pain, chronic conditions, disability or living in a place that makes it hard to be you. When I was in my darkest hours, I found that befriending this body was the best way for me to find ease and move forward. It doesn't always feel easy and that's when I come back to these top reasons to befriend my body even when it feels hard to do.

woman sleeping on a bed, clutching a pillow

#1 I'm not getting a new one

This is the only body you get--for now. Unless you believe in re-incarnation. But even then, you probably won't remember, so this is it.

#2 Pleasure is a bodily state

Feeling the sunshine on my skin, being kissed, eating something scrumptious, petting a kitten, smelling a baby...If I'm going to live, I may as well enjoy it

#3 I can learn from my body

As humans, our brains rely heavily on input from our body in order to make the many (mostly subconscious) decisions we make each day. My body can help teach my brain and help to open new doors. Especially when I feel stuck, my body can help me find new ways.

a woman dancing with her eyes closed and arms out

#4 I wouldn't exist without this body--at least not during this lifetime.

Maybe I also exist outside this body, but my body is an integral part of the equation.

#5 I can make life easier without the added pain of self criticism, shame or worry.

If I only lead from my mind, it will lead me astray. Self criticism is the chattering voice inside my head that brings on self doubt. I can connect to my inner wisdom by following my body.

#6 I can make life easier by developing strength and ease.

When I actively pursue challenge, I develop more capacity for challenge. Sometimes, my challenge knowing just how much challenge I can take on in this moment. Sometimes, the challenge surprises me. I try to keep my eyes open to it appearing in unusual places and for it to feel awkward at first.

#7 When I take care of my body, I can better communicate my needs to others.

I can lose track of what I need if I am always putting others' needs before mine.

#8 My body is a doorway to connection

to others, to spirit, to nature, to myself. It can lead me to wholeness if I let it.


* If you would like some support with the body you have, I'm happy to connect with you. I offer no-obligation connection calls for no charge.

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