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Your Body is Calling...

Do you know how to listen?
I can help you with that

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Ever wonder what your body would say if it could talk?

I do my best to answer that question with my combined knowledge of physiology, pain science, functional movement and interpretive dance.

Each edition is a love letter written by a different part of your body and includes creative ways to care for each part of you that go far beyond hot baths, diet or mindset. I also include ways to work with me: workshops, 1:1 coaching, group programs, etc.

  • Develop curiosity and appreciation for your biology

  • Learn new ways to interact with your body

  • Get directed to fresh resources 

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    My name is Alora

    In the last 25 years, I have done countless hours and styles of somatic practice and therapy because I thought I was broken. I believed that I could crack the code if I just found the right modality and did the work. I discovered many things along this journey, most importantly, my body isn't broken and I don't need to fix it. I discovered that if I looked to my body as my partner, every challenge and every pain feels doable. 

    I created this work because I saw the gap between exercise and therapy that needed to be filled. I am honoured to share my knowledge with you, as we walk along this path together. 

    Thanks for submitting!

    A photo from above of Alora lying on the floor, dressed in brown lace and hugging her own arms
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