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Practice with me

I've made these recordings for you to use anytime you like. 

A body scan is a brilliant way to start when getting to know your body better. When you learn how to check in with your body without the need to change it, you will develop the skills to listen to what it needs in this very moment. 

    Body Scan - Seated

    Body Scan - Lying Down

    Lying in Wildflowers
    an AI generated photo of an astronaut floating in mid air

    Slinky Spine

    Wouldn't it be nice to feel a sense of spaciousness and ease in your body?

    This short and simple exercise can do just that. It utilizes visualization and gentle movement.

    Try it standing, seated, or however you like. 

    9 min 30 sec

    Slinky Spine

    This exercise was originally created when I was teaching pilates, as a way to promote lengthening of the spine in 2 directions. It then morphed into something more playful that could be used in any setting and help to develop a felt sense of fluidity in the 3rd dimension.  

    I welcome you to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and appreciate the credit when taught in group settings.  

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