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Stomach Ache

Mystery Pain Sessions

Mysterious pain often doesn't correlate with an injury, but shows up one day, sometimes with other symptoms, which can leave us confused and unsure what to do. Depending who you ask, you will encounter a myriad of options that may or may not work. So what's your best option?

Start a conversation with your pain.


Pain is here to teach us and to bring about change--physically, mentally and emotionally. When you slow down to listen to what the pain has to say, you will become better equipped to know how to respond and you may be surprised at how much more effective your next actions will be.

Let’s Start a Dialogue

During this 90 min Body Dialogue session, you will start to develop a conversation with your pain. Then we start to tease apart fact from fiction by working with the sensations you feel until you have a better idea of what your pain is trying to tell you. Once you know, it becomes much easier to know how best to care for your body. The purpose of this is not for diagnosis but rather to kickstart the healing mechanisms of your nervous system. 

Along with the option to record your session, you will leave with a personalized Body Dialogue practice for you to do at home AND a bonus 20 min follow up call

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• sliding scale pricing 

Body Dialogues can address:

​•  joint pain  • pelvic pain  •  foot pain  •  hip pain •

•  neck pain  •  swelling  •  autoimmune conditions  •   headaches  •


Most of my movement teaching career has been centred around pain. No matter if I was teaching in a fitness studio or integrated health centre, clients would often arrive with a frustrating pain, sometimes not sure why they showed up, feeling incapable of movement. I always welcomed them with open arms because I knew the power of connecting to your body. So I would help them slow down, tune in and get curious...


What might this pain be signalling?

How does this part of their body relate to the rest of the body?

What IS possible?

What assumptions about the body or about the pain might be just a story that isn’t true?


People usually left with little to no pain, and a spring in their step because they had a better understanding of what their body needed and options for care. I’ve been called a ‘miracle worker’ many times, but the real truth is that I play the role of a compassionate voice that helped guide them back into their body.

I would be honoured to help you slow down and get curious about whatever pains you have. 

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