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Stomach Ache

Mystery Pain Sessions

Mysterious pain looks different for every person. It might have started with an injury, but doesn't ever go away. Or, it shows up in times when we're stressed out. Mysterious pain can seem like a laundry list of symptoms that are inconsistent, or triggered by something environmental and might not even be described as painful, but they confound the 'experts' and interrupt your life. It can make us wonder if we're broken. Why is it happening? What is wrong with our body? Finding a a solution can be overwhelming and feel like a long game of Whack-a-mole. Some treatments may help for awhile but they show up again when life gets really stressful. So what's your best option?


The secret to creating lasting change in your body isn't by 'hacking' your body, but by listening to what it has to say. 


I can help you start a conversation with your pain 

Pain is here to signal the need for change--physically, mentally and emotionally and help us know what to do. When there is an obvious injury, the signal of pain is clear. However, it's easy to misinterpret the signals we get from persistent or inconsistent pain because they are the result of misfiring of the pain circuits in the brain. Emerging pain science shows that we can re-educate the brain to better understand messages coming from the body.  


That is why in Body Dialogue sessions, we use both cognitive (brain based) and somatic (body based) tools to help you be a better interpreter of what the pain has to say, and become better equipped to know how to respond.


Let’s Start a Dialogue

Along with the option to record your session, you will leave with a personalized    Body Dialogue practice for you to do at home AND a bonus 20 min follow up call

Book your session today
• sliding scale pricing 

Body Dialogues can address:

• unexplainable symptoms ​•  symptoms affected by stress • injuries that never heal fully • 

• joint pain  • pelvic pain  •  foot pain  •  hip pain • 

•  neck pain  •  swelling  •  autoimmune conditions  •   headaches  •


I understand what it's like to have mysterious pain and no answers. Despite working in the fitness and wellness industry for my entire career, I developed severe and unexplainable symptoms that completely interrupted my life; joint pain, vertigo, weakness, to name a few. There were times I was unable to leave the house.

I was proactive about my health and doing all the 'right' things: eating well, exercising, breathwork, mindfulness, supplements etc. I got ALL the treatments and tests; both eastern and western medicine without any answers that could help me reign in my my symptoms--I was so frustrated with my body. I needed something different. 


I did a deep dive into neuroscience and nervous system health which finally turned things around for me. I learned that it wasn't that I needed to change WHAT I was doing, rather HOW I was approaching my health. I needed to take it one step further than mindfulness based approach and work in relationship with my body; using body-based and brain-based tools together.


I've been called a 'miracle worker' many times, but the real truth is that I am a big picture thinker; one who is willing to spend time looking at the bigger picture, connecting the dots. I'm also one who isn't afraid to do things differently because I've seen firsthand how effective non-linear work can be. 

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